San Francisco thieves get away with Maria Taylor’s gear

On Wednesday, Maria Taylor’s van was broken into in San Francisco . Maria and the band are pretty devastated as the culprits got away with 6 guitars, 2 suitcases, pedals, and plenty of merch. Hopefully, some of these items may turn up online or in local San Francisco pawn shops. As you can imagine, this gear has lots of sentimental value as well. If anyone has any information, please have them send a message to

Stolen Gear:Left-handed RED Gretsch Tennessee Rose Guitar
Left-handed Martin Acoustic GuitarLeft-handed
WHITE American Fender Precision bass (w/ green pick guard)
Right-handed PURPLE Fender Jazz Bass guitar
Right-handed 1976 BLACK Les Paul Deluxe
Right-handed Alvarez acoustic guitar (Hand painted white w/ black swirls.Guitar strap is nailed on)
Boss Tuner PedalBoss distortion Pedal

Fri-Jul-11, Los Angeles, CA, Echoplex
Sat-Jul-12, Sonoma, CA, Gundlach Bundschu Winery

I think people might think twice about taking other people’s things if there was any real punishment (like say cutting their f**king hands off). Seriously, there should be extreme consequences for acts that should never occur in the first place. I don’t want to hear any sob stories about how maybe they had a bad life and had nothing. I’m not rich, I don’t steal people’s things, and I doubt any of you do either. On another tangent, I’ve had musical equipment stolen in an area where there were security cameras and the police did nothing. Oh yeah, but they won’t miss pulling me over for not wearing a seat belt (which is exactly the kind of government interference most of us never wanted). At this point, most of us realize that in a lot of areas the police are more about revenue intake than the forgone adage of “Protect and Serve.” Seriously, ask a cop for a ride sometime, or to help you get your keys out that you locked in your car, and see if he laughs in your face. Hopefully, some of this stuff will turn up.

We lose our rights more and more every day while our government laughs in our faces with everything from gas doubling in a couple of years (go ahead and ask ten people why gas is so expensive and you’ll likely get ten different answers, because we’ve all heard 500 different reasons), to spending our tax money investigating whether Major League Baseball players used steroids (stupid because everyone knows they did, steroids are a part of the culture, and for that matter chicks love the long ball) or whether the New England Patriots cheated. Moreover, we half-ass fight a war, that I can’t figure out a reason why we’re over there (yes half-ass, because throughout history there has been one way to win a war, and that is to annihilate the enemy in to submission, with no suggestion of compromise. I’m not caught up in false compassion and I’m no turncoat either. Initially, I assumed our leaders had information about Iraq necessitating war, that none of us had, but obviously not!!). Really, we should all be sad while wondering where the real Leaders of Men have gone, and ponder if any real heroes can escape the emasculation of equivocation and relativism and the pull of the lobbyist – – And that pull is mighty on both sides of the political aisle.

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