Street Dogs:: State of Grace

Mike McColgan and his band Street Dogs released their new album, State of Grace this week. Opening with the edgy “Mean Fist,” State of Grace then subsequently lays the finer points of foundation for the album by moving in to standout ““Kevin J. O’Toole,” a tribute to McColgan’s uncle and fellow Boston firefighter who recently passed away. This is just the start of a high voltage rock ‘n’ roll, though some may call punk, record colored by diverse influences and reinforcement that McColgan is no one trick pony. With that in mind, the melodies are typically punchy, though the traveling minstrel on “Elizabeth,” and “Angry Kids,” certainly belongs as much to the bar as to the outdoor arenas of the Warp Tour. There is even some flamenco tinged guitar and talk of Irish & Mexican unity on Street Dogs’ finely entertaining Hellcat debut, State of Grace, ultimately to be filed somewhere between Avail and The Pogues.

Two Angry Kids

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