Negativland breaks anew on Thigmotactic

Negativland’s new album, Thigmotactic, carrys the special distinction of being the first song-based release in the band’s 28-year history. Thigmotactic continues in Negativland’s decades long collage and cut-up tradition, but while the trademark sound of found audio elements is sparingly collaged through-out, the cutting up here is also in the lyrics, created by combining dream journals, bits of advertisements, found poems, automatic writings, stream of consciousness, old National Geographic articles, and more. The fifteen songs and two instrumentals were written, composed and performed by Negativland’s Mark Hosler, with contributions from the rest of the group, and with San Francisco noisemaker Thomas Dimuzio helping by way of several instruments, arrangements and production. Negativland’s Thigmotactic is out via Seeland Records and you can sing along.

basketball plant.mp3influential you.mp3richard nixon died today.mp3

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