Kerli:: Love Is Dead

Kerli’s album, Love Is Dead, opens with heavy orchestration on the title track, setting an illumination for a path that twists with diverse turns, from frenetic beats layered with strong melodies to all sorts of atmosphere to capture the ear. In terms of the aforementioned, single “Walking on Air,” cashes in on all those attributes, and includes the first potent dose of optimistic lyrics that defy my own skeptical sensibilities. Within the same theme enters “The Creationist,” a parading of empowerment and autonomy, coming off as a personal celebration. Kerli’s voice never sounds better than it does on the pop and swirl of the kaleidoscopic “Beautiful Day”; while she never gets as freaky as she does on the spoken word rap of “Creepshow,” a double dutch sparkle referencing the issue of no one knowing where her country (Estonia) is located. Varying influences, “I Want Nothing,” breaks into a straight forward rock stance, complete with a change that gives off the illusion of starting before the preamble ceases. Throughout, this album surprises with inventive construction to frame the Estonian beauty’s powerful voice, keeping the listener in tune for a deserving episode.

Walking On Air

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