My Milky Way Arms:: Milky Syndication

My Milky Way Arms are the Houston duo MilkMan and Tim2K, and their music has been referred to as romantic space rock, and that seems appropriate for the five song Milky Syndication EP. What we have here is plenty full of creamy sound with equal parts dense atmosphere, and vocals which play the role of an instrument in delightful fashion. “Magneto” is the opener in bold sonic reverie, swelling with layers of aural projections, not the least of which are those heavenly “Ah’s.” By the time “Soft Alarm,” comes in, My Milky Way Arms have reached their orbit with an organ declaration sparked up with a silky movement carried by some unwinding beats. Quite well done entertainment, sometimes even pretty, and hopefully just a prelude. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Now Floating In Space.

unbearable lightness of being.mp3sunshine.mp3

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