Jeremy Schonfeld:: 37 Notebooks

Opening with the frank piano declaration, “Storyteller,” NYC singer/songwriter Jeremy Schonfeld makes the introduction of fourteen songs on his album 37 Notebooks. Though the opener is reserved and straightforward, Schonfeld shows a mixed bag with the capability of writing a lot of different songs, coming with melodies and content concerning personal revelations, life changing decisions, and keeping momentum. 37 Notebooks comes across as the sound of the piano guy in the dark corner of the bar playing songs supposedly for the clientele, but really they are all born out of the necessity of release and decompression. Easy to get drawn into these heartfelt pieces, and for that matter I swear “Never The Bride,” will be on a future episode of The Hills; or perhaps Heidi and Spencer will sing a duet of “I Was Meant For You.” Cheerio.

Jeremy Schonfeld & Lauren Kennedy: I Was Meant For You

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