Matt Keating:: Quixotic

On the record of desired labeling, Matt Keating’s Quixotic is a double album of straight forward confessional organic, front porch straying, Americana power-pop, arriving as a necessary work; which is the first question to be pondered when presented with the issue of a double album. While crunchy rockers like “Mystified,” do their job, the standouts are usually more sedate in terms of the guitars, though with strong catchy lyrics, …I’m here for the taking… for you to take apart… on “Confidential”; or I gave my whole heart to Anna…hers turned cold keeping me warm…, on “Louisiana.” The standout on Quixotic is country number “Only Let You Down,” moving well like “Sunday Morning Coming Down,” and tempting the listener to break into — On a Sunday mornin’ sidewalk, Lord I’m wishin’ I was stoned…. Really, with that description, you need to be centering in on the mood here. As for the second disc, it enjoys the unique distinction of not only having one more song than the first side, but also appearing with song titles which require twice as many characters. Maybe it just my temperament of late, but I hear the occasional English Garden accent on the second disc, as on opener “Lion’s Share Of Nothing,” sounding off with guitars evoking clear thoughts of The La’s every time I throw the album on the player; Though, I have my doubts as the clear hit of this act of Quixotic is the roaming “Romeoville,” – a romantic mysterious atmospheric piece evoking thoughts of Lilac Time. In summation, the second disc is a little more electric than acoustic, but doesn’t stray too far from the strain of the first disc and completes an extended though quite digestible set.

St Cloud

Runaway Clown (live)

Sorry Son

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