Sam Sparro:: Black And Gold

In this election year especially, there is all kinds of talk of change running off from both sides of the aisle, and while that is what it is, I think pumping Sam Sparro’s Black And Gold into our houses like all those chemicals they put in our water, would be an augmentation for the betterment of society. When I’m lucky enough to have a late night crowd, we dance feverishly to hits like “Too Many Questions,” “Black & Gold,” and “21st Century Life,” ingesting the liquid sin like ambrosia. With big bouncing sound and a must dance vibe full of sweet nectar groove, you should consider yourself sold if you haven’t completely burned out your solar centers and subsequently lost your mojo and forgotten how to breath the breathe of life. We all have lots of questions. Most of us just give up on asking them.

Black and Gold

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