CSS:: Donkey

São Paulo electro dance rockers CSS have returned with Donkey, the follow-up to their much heralded debut, Cansei de Ser Sexy. Fans and new friends alike should gather round Donkey, which doesn’t merely pick up where the last one left off, but moreso adds a lot of new diversions to the story. Well written and very contagious, this is superb whirling dervish tango done up with swanky hooks, baked over a strong rhythm section. The sum of all this, solidifies a feel which sees the throbbing rock of “Rat Is Dead,” working as well as the pulsating synths of a call to dance it all off, “Let’s Reggae All Night.” Opener “Jager Yoga,” announces it all with a tight groove and a chorus containing these foreshadowing lines – We didn’t come into the world to walk around… We came here to take you out… – CSS have made a record with Donkey that is a lot of fun, befitting for your summer soundtrack, and containing enough rare personal ingredients to make it stand outside a lot of supposed similar fare.

Rat is Dead (Rage)
Rat is Dead (Rage)


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