Lackthereof:: Your Anchor

The narcotic drip drop refrain of – the new year is the old year again – from opener “Chest Past,” off of Lackthereof’s new album, Your Anchor, flows through the cloudy lines of the high bass string runs of a commandeering rhythm section aided by colorfully dreary guitar. Wonderfully fractured instrumentation delivers on a thick atmosphere made up by engaging lyrics with good melody, following suit throughout Your Anchor. Certainly, the strength of this record is in the way its movements maintain such good sensibility, while steering clear of more orthodox approach. Better discovered by the listener, there is plenty here to enjoy, including the frenzied robotics of “Choir Practice,” and the evaporating low end hum on “Fire Trial,” both decorated by the slow drawing vocal approach. Danny Seim began the Lackthereof project in 1997. His other band, Menomena, started as a side project in 2000 and took over because Seim felt less self-conscious as a drummer than as a singer-songwriter. Check out “Tongues ‘O Fire,” from 2004’s Christian The Christian, and “Last November,” from Your Anchor.

Last November.mp3Tongues O Fire.mp3

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