The Old Believers:: Eight Golden Greats

The first time I played The Old Believer’s Eight Golden Greats was on a hot day around 2:30 P.M. I remember little from that afternoon run, though when I played it a week or so later, very late at night, it was a different experience and not as result of the spirits, though they were in attendance. Really pretty numbers built from serene, clear female & male vocals laid kindly over top a light summer breeze in terms of orchestration. Eight Golden Greats has a “floating down the river” mood and a sonic atmosphere coming through with a willowy effect similar to My Morning Jacket, Fleet Foxes, and Band of Horses. With all things considered, including the title, I can’t help to think Eight Golden Greats should be coming off a 78 on an old player with a horn. Good stuff indeed, and even gets a little country.

There It Is.mp3No More.mp3Grannys Song.mp3

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