Wild Sweet Orange:: We Have Cause To Be Uneasy

The debut full length from Birmingham, Alabama’s Wild Sweet Orange, entitled We Have Cause To Be Uneasy, is out next week via Canvasback Music. The album’s eleven songs flow smoothly on this solid effort made possible by good melodies and affected guitar accompaniment which is often more concerned with atmosphere than typical lines, though it does get a little crispy fried from time to time. There is an emotional quality throughout We Have Cause…, shown through a vocal delivery that varies from screaming as it tries to outmatch the distorted guitars of “House of Regret”; to relatively little more than a whisper on the campfire acoustic of “Night Terrors,” sounding off like a small fire with an ambiance that might have you thinking lightning bugs. As for insects, “Crickets,” is another acoustic tune with some fine guitar fills, resulting in a sweetness, and light mood. Having said all that, the opener “Ten Dead Dogs,” concerns a drive and a declaration that “this is only a sub-plot…,” showing great traction, build, and release, on the previously mentioned lyric, while staging the album’s best track exactly where it belongs.

Ten Dead Dogs

Ten Dead Dogs on Letterman


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