Jex Thoth:: Jex Thoth

Reversed sound amalgamations penetrate the spirit on the intro of “Nothing Left to Die,” opening Jex Thoth’s self titled album. Glowing hot cinder vocals rise above this doom derivation, fixed with psychedelia and equally gloomy organ as seen on “The Banishment.” Done in dark light and stirred with blood, fire, and recurrent guitar freakout, this is a meditational journey on the contents of said dark. Jex Thoth is named after its enigmatic singer and their album comes courtesy of Swedish imprint I Hate Records. The international quintet features Thoth’s vocals; former Wooden Wand leader James Jackson Toth (Grim Jim) on bass and guitar; Silas Paine on guitars, bouzouki, and flute; Zodiac on keyboards and studio wizardry; and Johnny Dee on drums and percussion.

seperated at birth.mp3

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