Sunfold:: Toy Tugboats

Sunfold (Annuals alter ego) new album Toy Tugboats is an energetic excursion in ten episodes, scratching limbs with folk, pop, rock, and jazz along the way. Dreamy afternoon tales with the guitar chorus on high open the album with “Oregon,” breaking through to the see-saw rhythms of “Shrinking The Sphere.” Then, comes album standout “Sailed Off To See,” a rustic piece filled out with nice pedal steel, a great afternoon mood, and best pick me up in terms of chorus. The lights go down for the smoke filled jazzed out slumber of “Gnosis,” working out the nighttime jitters. Not being reductionist, Sunfold reel things around again, this time in the soft foamy guitar tone of “To Wake This Eye,” providing well for the spacier “Gorgée de Rubis,” showing off with quick flicks and sprays of precise guitar notes. Toy Tugboats is solid to the end and seems to get a little more engaging every time I throw it on. Enjoy.

Sara The American Winter


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