Falcon:: Falcon (ep)

I’ve been lazy this summer. I spent most of the time having fun while making up for some less than stellar times of the past. Considering I’ve listened to Falcon’s self-titled ep about a hundred times this summer, it would be a crime if I didn’t mention this little jewel (I’ve been working up to this moment for a while). Atmospheric and strong on the psychic inertia, Falcon’s ep is fulfilled by introspective lyrics, a spacey glowing backdrop, fine movements, and perhaps most importantly, that feeling of profoundly quiet anticipation where you already know the ending though you still hold out hope for a different outcome (in life, not the ep). All five tracks are strong, while my favorite “Listen In” and its distortion driven refrain are propelled by a strong rhythm section and high intoxication on the verses with lines like “…had a friend for most of my life, then I lost him.” Full of feeling in a sincere way that doesn’t require running mascara and 400 dollar haircuts, while passing longer than a single season, Falcon is not a tribute band. Falcon plays all new material. But…Falcon will never write another song. In fact, they never have. What does it all mean? Well, you’ll have to read their unique story on their site.

The Sandfighter.mp3Q Of T.mp3


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