The Emperor Machine:: What’s In The Box? 12 inch

DC Recordings issued the What’s In The Box? 12 inch this week, – – a four song concoction featuring heavy rhythms, tweaks, sonic flickers, and enough fantastic alchemy to keep your hum in fine proportion. The title track rages on as as spacey spy thriller, before moving on to the percussive strike of “Box Dub” and all the resulting anticipation.

1. What’s In The Box (5:26)
2. Box Dub (6:42)
3. Non-Functioning Apeman (5:31)
4. Functioning Apewoman (6:20)

Written & produced by Andrew Meecham.
Recorded and mixed at Lipstudio 2 UK.
Mastered by Mike at The Exchange.

The Emperor Machine live in Paris

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