Wilderness return with (k)no(w)here

Wilderness return on November 4th (Nov. 3 in the UK) with (k)no(w)here, their third album. The album was conceived as one musical piece, and the impetus for this composition came from an invitation to collaborate with renowned visual artist Charles Long at Long’s exhibit at the Whitney Biennial in Spring of 2008. On the album, James Johnson is occasionally joined vocally by Colin McCann (aka The Lord Dog Bird), and as on previous albums, McCann performs on guitar, Brian Gossman on bass, and William Goode on drums. Check out a clip of Wilderness’ collaboration with Charles Long at the Whitney Biennial below.

1. High Nero
2. Strand the Test of Time
3. (p)ablum
4. Silver Gene
5. Own Anything
6. Chinese Whisperers
7. Soft Cage
8. <….^….>

Wilderness/Charles Long


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