Dylan Champagne:: New Equation

Dylan Champagne’s New Equation is a largely acoustic affair done with subdued vocals rarely only a few degrees above a whisper, detailing nine episodes of contemplative solitary confinement. Certainly fans of low key acoustic and introspective confessional works will find some rest here. Though the subject matter varies through many a reference, New Equation comes across as a piece unraveling with exhaustive life, thirsting for decompression, and scouring other strange and venomous places the mind goes to after 4 A.M. Following that thought, “Junk Parts” has all the isolation and netherworld immediacy of Robin Proper-Sheppard’s Sophia, including the desolate vocal attack.

from here to there.mp3junk parts.mp3

09/13 Berkeley, CA @ The Starry Plough
10/02 Arcata, CA @ Das Gast Haus
10/08 Roseburg, OR @ BBG


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