The Dark Romantics:: Heartbreaker

Taking their name from the 19th century American literary school featuring names like Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson and Nathaniel Hawthorne, Florida’s The Dark Romantics release their new album Heartbreaker today. Leader Eric Collins (ex-Denison Marrs, The Party People) commands these thirteen tracks with some stirring after-midnight-vocals swung over dynamic and efficient instrumentation. Heartbreaker’s main thread is the exploration of the embedded relationship between love and pain, and more so, how that which entices us with high degree, is just as capable of tearing us to shreds. Heartbreaker is a fine feast for lovers of the night who see the occasional beauty in sadness, and while it may lead to psychic drain, at least there is motion in its’ release, and never seen in better light than on the track “Never Been Loved.”

lets ride.mp3

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