The Sound Of Animals Fighting:: The Ocean and The Sun

The Walrus, the Skunk, the Lynx, and the Nightingale return today with the third album as The Sound Of Animals Fighting, entitled, The Ocean and the Sun. No doubt, this enticing collective has made some of the most vibrant and interesting sonic work this decade. Where Lover, The Lord Has Left Us has a strong machination thread with a wide cross section of emotions and moods (I love how “The Heretic” comes out of nowhere on that record, though making perfect sense by the end); and Tiger & the Duke has a jet engine bombast with equaled immediacy; The Ocean and the Sun is reflective and voyeuristic, standing post-anger, while still full of release and intensity. The album is saturated with atmosphere, unraveling as a journey much like its’ predecessors, while also presenting us with segways constructed to join, rather than purposely obscure. “I, the Swan” runs as the sister epic to “Skullflower” (Lover, The Lord Has Left Us), with both competing as my favorite TSOAF songs, and in no small part as a result of the Skunk’s heroic androgynous howl. Considering the amount of times I’ve listened to this album, I must say I rather enjoy it. However, I’m not ready to say where it stands amongst the Lover, The Lord Has Left Us and Tiger & The Duke. Finally, The Ocean and the Sun also exhibits ample frantic movements, intricate riffs, time shifts, and other aural oddities, though one should anticipate that the last half of this album gains more commonalities with Rx Bandits.

Act I Chasing Suns (Tiger & The Duke)

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