Blitzen Trapper release Furr

The band who have been historically difficult to sum up aptly, Portland’s Blitzen Trapper, return this week with their fourth full length, entitled Furr, via Sub Pop. Furr incorporates a wide palette of emotion, spoken through wise song craft and equaled musicianship, galvanized by the imperative continuity. “Gold For Bread” takes a slinky rhythm and builds it to consummation, before finding some solitude under a tree on the title track, for a scenic acoustic pronouncement and talk about a girl. “God and Suicide” is a stomp lit by bulbous synths, moving on to the rocking siren of “Fire + Fast Bullets.” Never getting too down, Furr takes a curvy road, with my favorite being “Saturday Night,” which is a flavorful melody that peaks out with an outro that isn’t really dub or latin, but best of all, it is kind of at the same time. There is more, with piano ballads, the dusty acoustic traipse of “Black River Killer,” and another trip down to the creek for a little acoustic revelation called “Stolen Shoes + A Rifle,” gathering enough of that special colored sunlight to remind one of Notorious Byrd Brothers. Remaining for deeper reflection, Furr closes with the meditation of “Lady On The Water,” drifting further out on the horizon, held up by nimble acoustic guitar with a spark of light keys.


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