Kristoffer Ragnstam: Wrong Side Of The Room

With enough moxie to give you that extra bit of confidence and “je ne sais quoi,” to go out and be able to ignore the minions of backwards hats, while seeing in clear view the beauty hidden in the nightlife, comes Wrong Side of the Room from Sweden’s Kristoffer Ragnstam. This record carries some very playful melodies saturated with a smokey complexion of lo-fi vibe in full high quality stereo, completed by a theme of self-help therapy sung with a strained tongue finally getting the needed release. The album really gets going on the second track, “2008,” with an initial verse that brings to mind Crackers’s “Teen Angst,” though rest assured by the time you get to that stuttering start on the heavy hip sway of the chorus, Ragnstam has set his own pace. All that sets up a personal favorite, “Sorry For Being The Man of a 1000 Questions,” manifesting a seedy feel of murky city swagger becoming of Jim Carroll. The rest of the album unfolds with a fever of high times shagability and personal revelations, not the least of which, “I Heard About My Own Death On The Radio,” includes a smooth sounding refrain, in addition to musings on the pitfalls of autonomy.

Swing That Tambourine

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