XX Teens:: Welcome To Goon Island

Out this week in the states is an album which has already gained wide acclaim abroad – XX Teens debut album, Welcome To Goon Island. This eleven track punk inspired rhythm crashing exposition is one of the most colorful freak fests I’ve heard in a while. Welcome To Goon Island is a diverse work occupied by guitar scrapes, slides, and splashes over tunes that roll and sometimes beg you to dance. XX Teens will have you moving with numbers that range from the bizarro horror cabaret of “Darlin'”; the vaudevillian slope of “Ba (Ba-Ba-Ba)”; to the ecstatic release of favorite “Sun Comes Up.” Mysterious, political, and haunted, with some spy thriller thrown in as well, Welcome To Goon Island is full of wild twists, appropriately ending with a bit from peace activist Brian Haw.



Only You


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