Team Genius:: Self Released Full Length

It took me a few listens before I started to appreciate this Team Genius full length. Varying in approach from song to song, Team Genius leader Drew Hermiller and his band fill out this record with a little bit of everything. Good entertainment, complete with the bright horns and falsettos of opener “Take Me Home”; the carnivalesque “Sing Song”; and the warm comfort kum-by-ya of “While We’re Asleep”; all coming together with surprising continuity. Of the album’s varied notions, Hermiller says: “Basically it’s a reaction to the modern way music is consumed and listened to, …The idea of an album with a focused sound and a complete statement kind of gets lost now-a-days. Everyone shuffles around, so I thought ‘why not write an album that does the same thing?’ Luckily, the band did an awesome job of keeping up with it.” Moving without collapse and saturated with animation, Team Genius is well conceived and best of all, eccentric without being goofy. It all tops out on “Surely The Sun Will Explode,” with synths and harmonies finding equal altitude.

take me home.mp3

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