Zero Boys:: re-release Vicious Circle; uncover lost second album

Secretly Canadian will re-release Vicious Circle, the debut album by the Midwest punk legends, Zero Boys. In addition they are also releasing for the first time the lost second album, History Of, which includes the sought after Livin’ In The ’80s EP. These two releases constitute the entirety of their recorded output from the classic ’79-’83 era and will be available January 20, 2009 (January 19 in Britain). Unbenownst to many, from ’79 into ’83, the Indianapolis based Zero Boys were the hardcore royal crown of the Midwest. Zero Boys performed a now infamous show in 1982, at The Barn in Torrence, CA just outside of LA. Zero Boys opened for Dead Kennedys and Minor Threat at the request of Dead Kennedys’ front man Jello Biafra. The rest is history.

civilizations dying.mp3livin in the 80s.mp3

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