Pavement:: Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed

Pavement’s Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed will be out December 9th on Matador Records.

Disc One:
1. Stereo
2. Shady Lane / J Vs. S
3. Transport Is Arranged
4. Date w/ IKEA
5. Old to Begin
6. Type Slowly
7. Embassy Row
8. Blue Hawaiian
9. We Are Underused
10. Passat Dream
11. Starlings of the Slipstream
12. Fin
The original BTC album, remastered. Originally released February, 1997.

* 13. Then (The Hexx)
Originally released as the B-side to Spit On A Stranger (OLE-384-7), May, 1999 — but presented here is the unedited full version, as such previously unreleased. It was also originally planned to be the opening track to BTC
14. Beautiful as a Butterfly
15. Cataracts
Both are unreleased songs. BTC session outtakes.
16. Westie Can Drum
17. Winner of the
* 18. Birds in the Majic Industry
Originally released as B-sides to the promo EP Stereo (OLE-238-2P), January 1997. “Birds…” appears here in its previously unreleased full length vocal version. The original release was an instrumental edited version.
19. Harness Your Hopes
20. Roll with the Wind
Originally released as B-sides to Spit On A Stranger (OLE-384-2), the first single from Pavement’s final album, Terror Twilight. They are included here since both songs (as well as track 13) were recorded and mixed during the BTC sssions in 1996.

Disc Two:
1. Slowly Typed
2. Cherry Area
3. Wanna Mess You Around
4. No Tan Lines
Originally released as the B-sides to Shady Lane (OLE-266-2), June 1997.
* 5. Then (The Hexx)
* 6. Harness Your Hopes
7. The Killing Moon
* 8. Winner of the
BBC Radio One Evening Session, January 15, 1997. Tracks 5, 6 and 8 are previously unreleased. “The Killing Moon” appeared on the compilation album What’s Up Matador (OLE-163-2), August 1997. It later also appeared on Major Leagues (OLE-398-2), October 1999.
9. Embassy Row Psych Intro
Previously unreleased intro. BTC session outtake.
10. Nigel
Previously unreleased song. BTC session outtake.
* 11. Chevy (Old to Begin)
* 12. Roll with the Wind (Roxy)
Previously unreleased mixes of BTC session songs. They feature different vocals and overdubs.
13. Oddity (Clean cover)
Originally appeared on God Save The Clean: A Tribute to the Clean, Flying Nun Records (FNCD409), 1997.
14. Type Slowly (live)
Originally appeared on the compilation album Tibetan Freedom Concert, Grand Royal/Capitol (59110), 1997.
15. Neil Hagerty Meets Jon Spencer in a Non-Alcoholic Bar
16. Destroy Mater Dei
* 17. It’s A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl (Faust cover)
* 18. Maybe Maybe
Recorded live at KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic, February 25, 1997. Tracks 15 and 16 are previously unreleased songs.
* 19. Date w/ IKEA
* 20. Fin
* 21. Grave Architecture
22. The Classical (The Fall cover)
BBC Radio One John Peel Live Session, August 21, 1997. Tracks 19-21 previously unreleased vresions. “The Classical” appeared on Major Leagues (OL-398-2), October, 1999.
23. Space Ghost Theme I
24. Space Ghost Theme II
Both are unreleased songs recorded live in the WFNX studios (but not broadcast), Boston, February 12, 1997.


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