Mt. Sims:: Happily Ever After

Matt Sims commenced his musical journey back in year zero of the millennium, afterwards releasing his debut, Ultrasex, an electro-pop work which brought Sims some notoriety with the song “Hate Fuck.” In 2004, sophomore effort, Wild Light, came out showcasing a gloomier Mt. Sims, while in essence foreshadowing new album Happily Ever After. Happily Ever After caught my attention with its cross pollination of Joy Division, The Fall, Sisters of Mercy, and elsewhere. In fact, the lyrics on “Love’s revenge,” come right out the Ian Curtis lyric guide, with repeated talk of isolation. Having said that, the creepy vaudevillian atmosphere of “What’s the big deal?” is more likely to bring to mind Nick Cave. This icy unlit affair will serve you well if this is your preferred mood.

dig it in.mp3window window.mp3the bitten bite back.mp3
12/21 Bordeaux, France @ Sous Marine

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