Hollywood, Mon Amour

In his latest work, Hollywood, Mon Amour, French musician and composer Marc Collin, strove to redefine dated film songs. The self-titled full-length will be out March 3, 2009, and is a collection of some of the greatest songs from the movies of the 80s rearranged by the man behind Nouvelle Vague. Collin chose different singers than the ones who appeared on his previous records, finding a multinational group of vocalists, including Australia’s Nadeah, Britain’s – and former Morcheeba singer – Skye, the US’s Juliette Lewis, Brazil’s Cibelle, Denmark’s Katrine Ottosen, and France and Israel’s Yael Naim. Collin decided he wanted to recreate these songs, imagining them as if they were set in a different era, or performed by different characters with different backgrounds, different stories. All the songs included on the record were written specifically for movies.

Track Listing:
“Call Me” (Performed by Skye) from American Gigolo
“Eye of the Tiger” (Performed by Katrine Ottosen) from Rocky III
“When Doves Cry” (Performed by Nadeah) from Purple Rain
“Cat People (Putting on Fire)” (Performed by Dea Li) from Cat People
“A View to a Kill” (Performed by Skye) from A View to a Kill
“Flashdance… What a Feeling” (Performed by Yael Naim) from Flashdance
“Footloose” (Performed by Cibelle) from Footloose
“This is Not America” (Performed by Juliette Lewis) from The Falcon and the Snowman
“Arthur’s Theme (Best that You Can Do)” (Performed by Nadeah) from Arthur
“Reality” (Performed by Nancy Danino) from La Boum
“Forbidden Colours” (Performed by Nadeah) from Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
“For You Eyes Only” (Performed by Dea Li) from For Your Eyes Only
“Don’t You (Forget About Me)” (Performed by Leelou) from The Breakfast Club
“Take my Breath Away” (Performed by Inga) from Top Gun
“Together in Electric Dreams” (Performed by Nadeah) from Electric Dreams
“It’s Wrong for Me to Love You” (Performed by Bianca Calandra) from Butterfly

Marc Collin and Nadeah “Call Me”


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