Jennifer O’Connor: "Sister" for Stand Up to Cancer

Jennifer O’Connor recently donated her song “Sister” to the Stand Up to Cancer organization. Stand Up in turn commissioned an appropriate video for the song. One might ask when the last time our lovely pharmaceutical industry produced a major cure or vaccine? I know a lot of medicines are of value, but much of it is about masking symptoms. Really what they do is suck every bit of money they can out of the families of very sick people, knowing they will pay for the slightest measure of hope. I’d like to see some real CHANGE, not the kind that comes without description while leaving the masses foaming at the mouth for no real reason. Just think – your dead parent, sister, or brother, paid for someone to buy a high-end Mercedes and build giant homes while simultaneously enabling them to act like they are making vital contributions to the world. Are these your kind of heroes? There may not be any real help for you if you’re sick, but that won’t stop them from undermining your bank account. In 1971 President Nixon declared war on cancer. Considering the powerful position of the pharmaceutical industry, one might beg the question as to what would be the motivation for actual cures? Sure would cut off a lot of revenue, but then again here we are thirty-seven years later. Progress.

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