Future Clouds and Radar:: Peoria

Austin unit Future Clouds and Radar’s sophomore effort Peoria, shows leader Robert Harrison still has plenty to say, and notwithstanding, a band worthy to fill out the backdrop. With vocals maintaining an air of Britain, the songs twist through the varied run of Peoria’s eight tracks. The album opens with the sweet straight forward songcraft of “The Epcot View,” and “Old Edmund Ruffin,” setting up the surprise freakout of “Mummified,” done with enough trip to make you think the Madcap himself is about to appear. The asymmetrical psycheledica of “The Mortal,” intertwines an English garden lament with passages evoking the aural equivalent of a MC Escher work. One runs across many fine songwriters as well as others who excel at the crazed; rarely have the two met on such cunning ground. Excellent.

the epcot view

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