The Year in Review:: 2008

1. Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago
Good Winter. The rare record that makes you want to bust out of your own skin with such moments leaving the soul blissfully screaming towards critical mass. What is also so impressive about Bon Iver is the evolution the music from For Emma, Forever Ago went through as a live entity in 2008. Would you really rush out? Psychic Decompression.

The Wolves (Act I & II)

2. The Week That Was
I don’t mean to say it’s all about the drums. However, the opening moment on The Week That Was is the hook and its all drums.

Scratch The Surface

3. The War On Drugs Wagonwheel Blues With that harmonica and talk of turkish carpets, how could you resist this one?

Needle In Your Eye

4. Duffy Rockferry
In 2008 the lovely Duffy presented us with her debut, Rockferry. Not just vacant sixties redux, Rockferry, still has lessons to teach and magic to conjure. Where is the video for the finest track – “Hanging On Too Long.” Iskha

Warwick Avenue

5. M83 Saturdays=Youth

6. Wolf Parade At Mount Zoomer

7. Paul Weller 22 Dreams

8. Fleet Foxes

9. TV On The Radio Dear Science

10. Land of Talk Some Are Lakes

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