The Midway State:: Holes

Toronto’s The Midway State may be young in age, but their new album, Holes, implies experience beyond their years. Well orchestrated and produced, Holes is as emotional as it catchy, with good melodies throughout often framed by the piano. The album deals with the topic of love: lost love, regaining consciousness after its over, and more so a general reverence for the pair bonding that is essential for a vital life. Several of the tracks standout, though, “What If I Change?,” may be the best with its big hook and talk of snuffy friends and limousines. Following to the back seat for increased romantic impact comes, “Nobody Understands,” with a subject of loving the girl you wish she was, not the one you really have. In finale, strong songcraft not afraid to revel in the thing that often gets referred to as cheesy in song: LOVE. I got news for you people – we all want it and we all need it.

Never Again

Change For You

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