Operation Aloha with parts of Gomez, Phantom Planet, and Maroon 5

With a month of free time in between tours, recording and life’s normal turmoil, 14 musician flew to Maui, Hawaii, to live in a compound of tree houses with friends. Inspired by the island, members of Maroon 5, Gomez and Phantom Planet, among others, decided to make some music. Their self-released and self-titled debut will be released on May 12th.

Operation Aloha Musicians:
Dajon Everett (Gomez)
Ian Ball (Gomez)
James Valentine (Maroon 5)
Jesse Carmichael (Maroon 5)
Olly Peacock (Gomez)
Sam Farrar (Phantom Planet)
Christopher Wray-McCann (Photographer)
Charles Danek
Fil Krohnengold (All Spots To Black)
Mathew Chaney
Maureen Wray-McCann
Nadav Kahn (Kahn Brothers)
Saam Gabbay
Will Nash

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