Ben Kweller:: Changing Horses

Ben Kweller has described his new album, Changing Horses, as more of a country record than his previous efforts. Perhaps, one might say the album is a reflection of him and his formative years growing up bass fishing, playing around the creek, and chasing girls. However you wish to itemize that one, Changing Horses does have more of a down home feel throughout, whether that be out in the woods or in the church. Both of the preceding locales have their influence, but most important Changing Horses just feels pure and its a good listen. Who hasn’t had someone you used to be absolutely blown away by, become an “Old Hat”? Love and affection thread the record with plenty of nooks to rest your head. “On Her Own” is perhaps the album’s biggest pop track, with at least a bit of seventies television theme feel caught up in there. Its not a stretch to claim Changing Horses as Ben’s most well written record yet.


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