Vetiver:: Tight Knit

Out today on Sub Pop is Tight Knit, the fourth album from San Francisco based band Vetiver. I’ve always enjoyed Vetiver, though never so completely as on this new record. Well written and constructed, whether that be the frolicking reverie of light as seen on “Everyday,” and “Sister,” or the meditational hum of “Down from Above,” with its nuanced shifts. Having the feel of formerly lost and dismayed, but gaining more light with each passing is mid-album track, “Through the Front Door,” one of the must-sees on this already fine drive. The second half of Tight Knit turns to more of an electric lash, taking the listener to the swaggerly laced groove of “More of This,” – – certainly the party track of the album. “Another Reason to Go,” continues the plugged-in feel with a voyeuristic atmosphere, horns, and the feeling that Gerry Rafferty is being channeled. Taking curves with ease and lost in thought on the straightaways, Tight Knit travels well to the end.


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