Kurt Cobain:: 42

Kurt Cobain would have turned 42 today. Kurt passed on to sweeter shores back in 1994, though not without leaving his mark. Apart from the music and the fashion, he even at one point directly increased manufacturing of certain lower line guitars. Kind of hard to believe it has been fifteen years, but now you can pay tribute to Kurt by adorning yourself with a shirt just like the ones he used to wear. Choose between Kurt’s “Grunge is Dead” shirt; his “Hi, How Are You,” shirt sporting a design from outside musician Daniel Johnston; his vintage “Motorbike” shirt, sporting the slogan “Live to Ride, Ride to Live”; his “Sounds” shirt, featuring the logo from the magazine of the same name; and his “Olympia Beer” shirt, a nod to one of the music scenes that spawned Nirvana. Having said all that, I really enjoyed the “About A Son” film, and highly recommend a view.

Kurt’s T Shirts

Dive (live)

Floyd the Barber / Sliver (live 1991)



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