Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens:: What Have You Done, My Brother?

Naomi Shelton is an extraordinary gospel singer who grew up singing with her sisters in their Alabama church. Since, she has spent much of her life in the soul clubs around New York, and her 45s, “41st St. Breakdown” and “Wind Your Clock” b/w “Talking ‘Bout a Good Thing,” have long been worshipped by funk DJs around the globe. Described as soul music informed by the church, Naomi’s first official full-length release What Have You Done, My Brother?, will be out in May. With Naomi anchoring the front, Homer Steinweiss mans the drums, star pianist Cliff Driver directs the music, and the Queens – – Cynthia Langston, Edna Johnson, and Bobbie Gant, keep it all consistent.

What Have You Done

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