DJ Hell cracks The Angst from Teufelswerk

On April 27, DJ Hell will release Teufelswerk on International Deejay Gigolo Records. The title is German for “Devil’s Work,” and takes sees sixteen tracks divided into two themes, “Night” and “Day.” The double disc set features collaborations with Bryan Ferry, P. Diddy, Peter Kruder, Billy Ray Martin, Christian Prommer, Robert Di Gioia, Mijk Van Dijk, Stefan Robbers, Anthony Rother and &ME. Below you can check out “The Angst”, the lead single from Teufelswerk and first single from the “Day” disc.

1. “U Can Dance” (Featuring vocals from Bryan Ferry)
2. “Electronic Germany”
3. “The DJ” (Featuring P. Diddy)
4. “The Disaster”
5. “Bodyfarm2”
6. “Hellracer”
7. “Wonderland”
8. “Friday, Saturday, Sunday”

CD2 – “DAY”
1. “Germania”
2. “The Angst” & “The Angst Pt. 2”*** 3. “Carte Blanche”
4. “Nightclubbing”
5. “I Prefer Women To Men Anyway”
6. “Action (Interlude)”
7. “Hell’s Kitchen”
8. “Silver Machine” (Hawkwind cover)

The Angst Pt. 1
The Angst Pt. 1

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