Gretchen Phillips makes I Was Just Comforting Her

Austin, Texan Gretchen Phillips has released, I Was Just Comforting Her, her first new album in five years. The record involves ten tracks of electrified lesbian folk filled out by Gretchen’s resonating vocals laid over music often filled out by striking nuances and other flare to bring the point clearly to the front. I Was Just Comforting Her is an honest and forthright depiction of the inner (and not so inner) dialogues we strive against as humans. The album opens with talk of kindness prevailing on “Red State/Blue State,” before moving to a bringing-it-back-home sound on “Honey, I Feel So Good.” Love, lust, voyeurism, and stimulation come clear on the frolicking back in forth jazz injected tempo of “Swimming,” centered on wet dreams, pubic hair, and licking skin, while topped off with a perfectly trashy guitar lead. I Was Just Comforting Her is a good time that gets better once you’ve settled in for a while. Produced by Rob Halverson and Phillips, I Was Just Comforting Her, includes: drummer Melissa York (Butchies, VitaPup, Team Dresch), percussionist Thor Harris (Shearwater, Bill Callahan, Angels of Light and The Gretchen Phillips Xperience), former bandmate Andy Loomis (Gretchen Phillips Experience) and longtime collaborator Dave Driver.

Red State / Blue State

Feb 26 SPACE: A Design Build Collective Seattle, Washington
Feb 27 ABC House Olympia, Washington
Feb 28 Mississippi Pizza Portland, Oregon

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