Chairlift contemplate Does You Inspire You

Brooklyn’s Chairlift, will be presenting their dream-pop ménage in full with their Columbia Records debut, Does You Inspire You, out on April 21st. The album has been remastered and features two new tracks. The first, “Dixie Gypsy” was produced by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear, while the second, “Le Flying Saucer Hat,” is both French and English. Caroline Polacheck, Aaron Pfenning and Patrick Wimberly moved from Boulder to Brooklyn in 2007 to develop their atmospheric colour saturated sound.

1. Garbage
2. Planet Health
3. Earwig Town
4. Bruises
5. Somewhere Around Here
6. Evident Utensil
7. Territory
8. Le Flying Saucer Hat
9. Make Your Mind Up
10. Dixie Gypsy
11. Don’t Give A Damn
12. Chameleon Closet
13. Ceiling Wax

Planet Health

Evident Utensil

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