The Bitter Tears:: Jam Tarts in the Jakehouse

The Bitter Tears release their sophomore album, Jam Tarts in the Jakehouse, this week through Carrot Top Records. Jam Tarts in the Jakehouse measures ten tracks and might be described as a mixture of rock with a little straw between the teeth, precision strums, brass, often wild lyrics, and other adornments. The album opens strong with the lopsided rolling tempo of “Slay The Heart of the Earth,” featuring a surfy tin pan sound topped off with flights of fancy made possible by joyous horns and background vocals. Edgewise and diverse, the music rolls on until the finish, incorporating off-the-wall sensibilities that work well for the ears, rather than come off as worthless camp. Anchoring the album directly in the middle are its’ two standouts; with the first being the campfire epic, “The Hamptons,” framed by solitary acoustic guitar, vocals & harmonies, a backdrop slowly expanding with sonic baubles, and the capturing line – “you got the gun, but not the girl.” “Starlight” is the other one, appearing a little less heavy, though its sweet environs are injected with lines that range from freaky to abstract, and ever so often morph into a wonderfully odd tropicalia. The Bitter Tears are Alan Scalpone (vocals, guitar, brass, woodwinds), Michael McGinley (vocals, bass, brass, strings), John Leonard (piano) and Greg Norman (vocals, guitar, trombone), and Jam Tarts in the Jakehouse is their new album ready to pleasure you.


Mar 7 Hideout RECORD RELEASE SHOW!!!!! Chicago, Illinois
Mar 12 Gasthaus w/Canadian Rifle and Builder Destroyer Elgin, Illinois
Mar 13 Basement 414 Lansing, Michigan
Mar 14 The Old Miami w/ I, Crime and Red Swan Detroit, Michigan
Mar 15 Glasslands w/ Miami Ice Machine and Precinct Brooklyn, New York
Mar 17 Mohawk Place w/Tracy Morrow Buffalo, New York
Mar 18 The Pour Haus w/Softcheque Louisville, Kentucky
Mar 20 Valley of the Vapors Festival w/Murder By Death, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Mar 21 The Cinemat w/Push Pull and Haymarket Riot Bloomington, Indiana

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