Weird Owl:: Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed

Brooklyn’s Crazy Horse psych merchants Weird Owl recently let loose their new full length, Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed, on Tee Pee Records. This slow blowing attack may initially not seem to be registering, but make no mistake, this is neither peaceful nor passive aggressive; this is a mental purge. Weird Owl plunder the sensibilities with frayed guitar lines that linger as well as they evaporate, all the while intimating that something wildly subversive is occurring. Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed takes place under the cracked sky, where fractured constitutions surrender the quest for that which cannot be searched out. This is the place where rainbows leave a trace when they’re gone.

Mar 14 Southpaw with HIMALAYA Brooklyn, NYC
Mar 28 Cameo with SPINDRIFT Brooklyn, New York
May 9 Public Assembly with TRUE WOMANHOOD Brooklyn, New York

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