Higamos Hogamos:: Major Blitzkrieg

Higamos Hogamos debut single, Major Blitzkrieg, is out on DC Recordings, in advance of their excellent forthcoming album (more on that one later). Heavy and foreboding aural propulsions probe the extremities on “Major Blitzkrieg,” with assistance from a self-described “motorik” backdrop, while freak future raga strains through informed by Coltrane’s Africa/Brass. Other assaults include the Mickey Moonlight remix of the same track, heralding an equally imposing strand found in the wild, and transmigratory in atmosphere. Elsewhere is the more ominous thrill and mystery of the Depth Charge Buzzer remix, sure to make you forget the drudgery of life for a time. To hear and learn more about Higamos Hogamos, check out a track from their forthcoming album by following the audio link below.

Higamos Hogamos


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