Starlings morph into The Hundreds and Thousands

Former Starling frontman Ian LeFuevre got back together with bassist Maury LaFoy and drummer Peter Von Althen to create The Hundreds and Thousands. The band will release their Nettwerk debut, The Hundreds and Thousands, on May 26th. The album, for the most part, was recorded live in only a few short sessions with the result being eleven songs. Their singles, “Rat Race,” and “Don’t Talk To Me,” are available now on iTunes. “This record definitely is very much about facing the pressures of a grind,” says Ian LeFuevre. “You get in this big city and start to work your ass off, and you start feeling like other parts of your life are slipping away. Sometimes it’s fun to be caught up in the whole game, but sometimes you wonder how much you’re losing touch with things you wish you hadn’t.”

Rat Race

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