Pete Yorn returns with Back and Fourth

On June 23, Columbia records will release Pete Yorn’s Back and Fourth, following up Yorn’s first three albums, which he considers a trilogy, and his first album in three years. Yorn wrote all ten songs on Back and Fourth and recorded the album in Omaha, NE, with producer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley). Columbia’s Co-Chairman Rick Rubin helped guide the project from its earliest demo stages to final mastering. For recording, Yorn traded his life in Los Angeles for the escape of Omaha, where he spent two months in 2008 making the album. And while Yorn played virtually all the instruments on his first three albums, he assembled a top band for Back and Fourth, including drummer Joey Waronker (Beck), pianist/arranger Nate Wolcott (Bright Eyes, The Faint, Rilo Kiley), guitarist Jonny Polonsky, bassist Joe Karnes (John Cale), and backing vocalist Orenda Fink (Azure Ray). “That’s the essential approach to the new album,” says Yorn. “I wanted to share my songs with a group of players who I respected, and then share the experience of recording them together as a group.” I would post some videos, but Pete’s record company doesn’t seem to want people to view them. Really don’t understand that, but there is much to not get in this world.

Don’t Wanna Cry
Back and Fourth tracks:
1. Don’t Wanna Cry
2. Paradise Cove
3. Close
4. Social Development
5. Shotgun
6. Last Summer
7. Thinking of You
8. Country
9. Four Years
10. Long Time

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