New Found Glory:: Not Without A Fight

New Found Glory have a new record, titled Not Without A Fight, and including twelve pop/punk tunes with some pressing moments and punchy hooks along the way. If you’ve enjoyed New Found Glory in the past, then you likely won’t be disappointed by these tales of the crazy ex-girlfriend and the resulting 20/20 hindsight, obscured perspective, and regret. First single, “Listen To Your Friends,” details a wake up in the emergency room after an intoxicated self-destructive spree resulting from a breakup. Certainly patented for sing-a-longs, Not Without A Fight may top out with the aforementioned single; though the quick paced “Truck Stop Blues,” with its all-encompassing refrain, and finale – “Don’t Let This Be The End,” carry an equaled immediacy. Not Without A Fight was produced by Mark Hoppus (Motion City Soundtrack, The Matches) and mixed by Neil Avron (Fall Out Boy).

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Listen To Your Friends

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