Peter Doherty christens Grace/Wastelands

Being a misfit in the rock world is so much more innate than posturing oneself to look like you’re actually making the planet a better place. With a life of supermodels, old jaguars, infamy, and the drive to paint with his own blood, Peter Doherty deserves some accolades for not coming across as simply the telos of second and third hand opinions derived from the television and paper. His new album, Grace/Wastelands, is out today and worthy for both the preordained fan and new friend alike. While the album isn’t a complete stretch from his existing catalogue, there are some new baubles to arrest the ears for some time. I prefer my rock stars gritty, crusty, alarming, and not at all suitable for the vanilla world. A little welcomed rest for the wicked.

New Love Grows On Trees

Last of the English Roses

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