Red Red Meat releases Bunny Gets Paid Deluxe Edition

Today marks the welcomed deluxe reissue of Chicago band Red Red Meat’s 1995 album Bunny Gets Paid. Hadn’t heard this record in years until a few weeks ago, but now Bunny Gets Paid is fresh in my mind, and I don’t think I ever loved it more. Certainly occupying a rare headspace – exasperated and perhaps not unlike someone buried alive – post-desperation and resolved that the air is finite in its dissipation. The album was produced by drummer Brian Deck, who also remastered the deluxe edition, and include a seven song bonus disc with demo, alternate, and single versions of album tracks, a cover of Flock of Seagull’s “Wishing” and an unreleased song – “St. Anthony’s Jawbone.” The magic of Bunny Gets Paid is very real though difficult to deconstruct, while found somewhere amidst these uncanny rootsy blues/rock tunes adorned with all sorts of buzzes, warbling effects, and other psychic twitches. Dense textures emanate from the songs brought about by nuances having equal purpose and effect on this fertile recording. If Bunny Gets Paid makes it into your bloodstream, there is no doubt an impression will be burned. Feel like sex. Excellent.

Bunny Get Paid Deluxe Edition tracklisting:
disc 1
1.Carpet of Horses
2.Chain Chain Chain
3.Rosewood, Wax, Voltz + Glitter
6.Idiot Son
7.Variations on Nadia’s Theme
9.Sad Cadillac
10.Taxidermy Blues in Reverse
11.There’s Always Tomorrow

disc 2
1. Chain Chain Chain (4-track demo)
2. Idiot Son (single version)
3. Words
4. Mouse-ish (dub mix)
5. Carpet of Horses (Cleversly version)
6. St. Anthony’s Jawbone
7. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)

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