The Lovetones:: Dimensions

Enjoyable effort from Australia’s The Lovetones and their fourth album, Dimensions, released in their homeland last November, and now out in America. Frontman and main songwriter Matthew Tow joined the Brian Jonestown Massacre in 2003 and contributed two tracks to …And This Is Our Music. Tow’s “Starcleaner” later appeared on the BJM retrospective Tepid Peppermint Wonderland. All that should set your bearings for where to begin with this fairly lush recording featuring lots of nice adornments and sonic flutters by way of mellotron, Moog, flute, bells, keys, Byrdsian guitar injections and expansive vocals. “Journeyman” is the closet to the BJM sound The Lovetones reach on Dimensions, an album which clearly tops out with the quite excellent “Love and Redemption.” The album was recorded in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, mixed in Los Angeles by Rob Campanella (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Quarter After, Black Angels) and mastered by pioneering Australian William Bowden.


May 1 Piano’s New York, New York
May 2 Cameo Brooklyn, New York
May 3 The Velvet Lounge Washington DC, Washington DC
May 5 The M Room Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 7 Old Ironsides Sacramento, California
May 9 The Comet Seattle, Washington
May 10 The East End Portland, Oregon
May 12 The Hemlock San Francisco, California
May 15 The Redwood Bar Los Angeles, California

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