Speck Mountain:: Some Sweet Relief

Speck Mountain’s main figures are Karl Briedrick and Marie-Claire Balabanian who describe their music as “ambient soul.” Strung with melancholy and other aural haunts through a desert of mood, Some Sweet Relief presses with its finely resonating guitars and Balabanian’s fertile lingering voice. The album opens with the slow surge of “Shame on the Soul,” featuring piercing guitars and reverbed vocals that thread this entire work. Then, one is transported to the dream like open field of “Fidelity Shake,” where the light is depleting and guitar trills and other psychic howls bring it to fruition. “Angela” finds itself in a trance with heavy bass, ticking percussion and a simple effective riff doing its work finely. The earthier “I Feel Eternal,” springs in to set up the title track and personal favorite, “Some Sweet Relief,” showcasing guitars informed by the setting sun and organ hum. Overall, Some Sweet Relief is a smooth enjoyable run reeking of texture and charisma, while leaving a perfect place to take the weight off for a while.

I Feel Eternal
Speck Mountain on Daytrotter
Apr 3 Berkley Front Berkley, Michigan
Apr 10 Hideout Chicago, Illinois
Apr 22 Garfield Artworks Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Apr 23 The Fire Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Apr 24 Metro Gallery Baltimore, Maryland
Apr 26 The Charleston Brooklyn, New York
Apr 27 Pianos New York, New York
Jun 8 High Dive Seattle, Washington
Jun 9 Valentines Portland


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